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Over the years I've worked with many artist interested in a career in the Licensing or Chidren's book market. Presently, I teach classes in Self Promotion and Illustration at Columbus College of Art and Design and have also have developed curriculum for Syracuse University (see link here). In my teaching, I work with students on all sorts of projects that are geared at helping them gain a clear grasp of what is required to be a professional illustrator. I am also focused on helping them achieve their personal and artistic goals as well. My background includes over 30 years of professional experience and mentoring.  

Whether your interested in a portfolio review, career advice or feedback for a specific project, I'd be glad to set up a time talk with you. Just read the description for "One on One Consultation" below, I'll get back to you right away so we can set up a time to chat via Skype, Face time or phone call - what ever you prefer.



This consultation is for anyone looking for feedback on their career and creative direction. First, we will discuss your personal vision and aspects of your work that pertain to your development as an artist. I will review your work (on a website, google doc, PDF etc.) and suggest technical, conceptual and professional areas to strengthen in your work. I will also suggest personal projects to help you get closer to the market of your choice. I will send you handouts (via email) and recommend books/website/resources and names of artists to help inspire you to push your work.

Feel free to write as much about your interest or career goals - use the "message" part of the form to the right. This will better help me assess my guidance and recommendations. After we set up a meeting time/day I will request the images for review.

What you get: 30 - 50 min consultation including any supplemental materials provided.

PRICE: 50$

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