little acorn studio

"I want to encourage a sense of curiosity, playfulness and hope"

Acorns start off small, ripe with possibility but they grow into gorgeous oak trees. I look at ideas the same way, they start off as a scribble or a bunch of words and eventually they become beautiful objects people can enjoy. I created little acorn studio as a place where I can share theses special little nuggets of inspiration, a place where my ideas become unique products.

-Maria Carluccio,
founder and creative director of little acorn studio.


I began my career as a graphic designer. One summer during my junior year in college I took summer course in Brisago Switzerland offered by Yale University. I studied with designers I greatly admire such as Paul Rand and Armin Hoffman. That experience changed my direction, it was my first time in Europe and I felt opened to the world in a way I had never felt before. The next year I returned to work in Italy after I graduated. I freelanced for Domus magazine as well as some ad agencies and design firms. Three years later I decided to return to the U.S., this time I focused my career on illustration which lead me to work for Hallmark cards in Kansas City, Missouri.

Today I live and work in Dobbs Ferry NY, a small town on the Hudson river, close to Manhattan. I am an illustrator and designer specializing in children’s books, gift products, textile and wall décor. It's been an amazing journey so far and I feel blessed to have a career that lets me do what I love most, create. Feel free to view an extensive portfolio as well as a list of some accomplishments at me on any social media you prefer

I post a new collage or drawing everyday in my sketchbook on Instagram / Facebook and Twitter!

Portrait by Ellen Crane Photography